Applied Artificial Intelligence

A futuristic way to learn with fun through our patented
Applied Artificial Intelligence methodology.

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Applied Artificial Intelligence

A futuristic way to learn with fun through our patented
Applied Artificial Intelligence methodology.

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The key is to acquire small chunks of knowledge and then apply them in different ways.



Applied knowledge is acquired knowledge used in various situations and



Application of acquired knowledge provide innovations aroundacquired knowledge.

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How it works?


Knowledge is the building block of any foundation. Acquire small chunks of knowledge using various courses.


Apply the knowledge acquiredfrom concept you learnt concepts in various situations and contexts by mean of diiferent practical practices.


It's about improving scientific view, diversifying learning horizon, considering the complexities of the real world giving skills to solve through the prism of artificial intelligence.


Introduction to
Artificial Intelligence

In this course you will learn what Artificial Intelligence is, understand AI concepts and how it is being used across different domains and industries.

Introduction to
Data Science

In this course you will learn what is Data Science, what are the steps and tools would be required and how is data science being used in the industry.

Power of
Design Thinking

The power of design thinking refers to the conceptualization soft skill that is within everyone. This has to be brought to the surface to play one role.


Tableau Certification

Tableau certification training helps you learn how to build visualizations, organize data, and design dashboards to empower more meaningful business decisions. You’ll be exposed to the concepts of statistics,and be prepared for the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate exam.

Power BI Certification

Power BI certification training will help you get the most out of Power BI, This course helps you master the development of dashboards from published reports, discover better insight from the data, create practical recipes on the various tasks that you can do with Microsoft Power BI.

MOS Certification

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Program provides industry-leading assessments of advanced skills and knowledge through our new project-based testing, giving the students and the professionals real-world exercises to appraise their understanding of the Microsoft Office.

Free Courses


Personality development is important because it helps you to live your life in a better way. It builds confidence in you, help you to look your life in a positive way, creates positive energy within you, improves your health, improves your skills, decreases your stress, and make you a more pleasing personality.

Communication Skills
for the professional world

Effective Communication skills play a crucial role in honing one's personality. Communication helps individuals to express themselves in the most convincing way. Your thoughts,knowledge should be passed on in the most desirable manner and effective communication skills help you in the same.

Introduction to
Industry Mentorship

The Industry Mentoring Program provides a unique opportunity for students to directly connect with industry representatives and professionals with significant experience in the industry/domain will guide you through virtual group and individual sessions to help you reach closer to your dream career.

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